Beginning Of My Hair Growth JouRney

Hi everyone this is my beginning journey to growing longer hair.   I have very thin hair and its also very fine with a recedeing hair line.   This will be a challenge for me that I need to take.

Today is Sunday, October 27, 2013 which will be my start date.   I plan to check the progress after 2 months and then again after 6 months.

Here goes what I AM DOING:

1. Wash my hair ONCE a WEEK with Olive Oil moisturizing shampoo.

2. Deep condition my hair with Olive Oil Deep conditioner ONCE a WEEK.

* Every 6 to 8 weeks I am doing a PROTEIN CONDITIONER  made of : 1 egg, olive oil, mayonnaise and honey mix well and apply to hair in four sections,  comb through hair carefully then place a plastic cap on your head and leave on for at least 1 hour, rinse well with cool NOT HOT water  then shampoo and condition.

3. After washing and conditioning my hair I apply Crème of Nature ARGAN OIL from MOROCCO STRENGTH & SHINE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER

4. I air dry my hair when time allows if not I blow dry on low setting and use Olive Oil Organic R/S Root Stimulator Heat Protector Serum.

5. I FLAT IRON my hair and always monitor the heat setting to prevent burning or scorching my hair.

6. Each night I use African pride Olive Miracle Moisturizer Lotion focusing on my hair line, ends and nape, and wrap my hair with a silk scarf.   This prevent breakage from my hair rubbing against my pillow at night.

7. I also use AVON’s MOROCCOAN ARGAN OIL LEAVE-IN TREATMENT as my oil preference which I MASSAGE my hair and scalp gently to wake up the blood flow.


For my thin sides I PURCHASED Blue Magic Organics  SUPER SURE GRO it has Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Japanese Green Tea Leaves in it- But also (Petroleum) which I don’t really care for so WE WILL PLAY THIS ONE BY SIGHT!!

As my hair dress I use Softee Signature African Shea Butter hair and scalp conditioner (TRULY LOVE IT!)

Right now WIGS R my FRIEND mostly when I LEAVE HOME.  As you may notice that my hair does have length but not the front nape and around the sides it like someone put a bowl on my head and shave my head in a circular pattern.